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Wax gnome in powder pink

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A wax gnome handcrafted by the Ciergerie des Prémontrés in Tarascon in Provence.

The workshop uses two ancestral methods of manufacture of the XVth century for its candles and candles which require the precision of the wax masters.

It will find its place perfectly in your interior.

Various models and colors are available on the site.

It becomes a real object of decoration.

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Dimensions: 30 cm approximately

Color: powder pink

Material: wax


Vegetable wax, natural dye.

Each candle or wax object being handmade, the depth, the size and the regularity of manufacture will never be identical from one candle to another, from one statuette to another.

Each manufactured product of the ciergerie is unique.

This statuette is only decorative, it does not have a wick to serve as a candle.

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Your child will love to play and walk around in this cute folding stroller made of coated cotton.

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Easily foldable, it can be taken anywhere, it is light and thin when folded

This stroller is the perfect toy to stimulate the imagination and your child will love to walk his dolls.

This toy is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing to your child.

It is so pretty that it can be left as a decoration in your child's room or the entrance of the house.

Amphora terracotta vase

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The amphora-style terracotta vase impresses with its unusual shape, which makes it suitable as an unfilled decorative object as well as a vase for flowers.

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Terracotta wall decoration

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This object is the work of a craftsman, so each piece is unique by the grain, the patina and the small differences that make it a unique object.

Faceted ball 30 cm

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To put glitter in your life!!!

The essential decorative accessory to put glitter in his daily life.

The disco ball to hang for the evenings, to put on the ground or on a piece of furniture in decoration.

The sun's rays on the ball will create beautiful shiny dots, small luminous glitter in your room, it's magic!

They are perfect in accumulation, several sizes are available on the site.