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copy of Stars carbon tablecloth


We love this tablecloth created by the brand Boncoeurs.

The iconic prints of the brand are found on a beautiful tablecloth.

A tablecloth in cotton and lurex color host.

It will be perfect to bring a touch of warmth to your table.

A tablecloth for your festive meals or for every day.

Several models are available on the site.

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Dimensions : 170 x 250 cm.

Material : 95% cotton 5% lurex.

Made in India.

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Brass candle holder for florist candle


A pretty candlestick in gilded patinated metal.

It will receive fine candles of 1,5 cm diameter.

It will be perfect with the bundle of candles of the ciergerie des Prémontres.

Perfect in accumulation for an original table decoration.

It will decorate your pretty tables of festival or simply your shelves or sideboards.

Colored candles are on sale on the site.

A simple and timeless candlestick.

Ceramic circle vase Sand color


We love this original circle vase.

A beautiful piece that will welcome your fresh or dried flower stems.

Its original and graphic shape will bring softness in your interior.

It will be as pretty empty as filled with flowers.

This vase is also available in another version.

It will bring a poetic and natural touch to your interior.

Bunch of 40 birthday candles pink color dragée


Fagot of fine candles manufactured by the Ciergerie des Prémontrés in Tarascon in Provence.

The workshop uses two ancestral methods of manufacture of the XVth century for its candles and candles which require the precision of the master-waxmakers.

This bundle includes 40 candles that you can plant directly on the birthday cake.

They will also be perfect to light your other candles.

Available in various colors on the site.

These candles are too thin to go with the brass candle holder.

This set will decorate your party tables, illuminate your festive moments.

Shooting star candle jewelry


Candle jewels in golden brass representing a shooting star.

They are small pine trees in the shape of a flame to be planted in the wax.

Sold in sets of three in a pretty box.

With these jewels, your candles will seem to light up and decorate your interior all the time.

A pretty novelty to illuminate your daily life.

Blue and brown striped pot


We love this collection of ceramic pots by OYOY!

The Toppu series is made of stoneware.

This pot has a sculptural and unique look.

The handmade ceramic pot also has a modern expression with its stripes.

This pot will hold plants, but you can also use it for storage or decoration.

The Toppu Bowl can be used as a pot, but it is also food safe and can be used for serving

Parma, white & water green tricolour candle


We completely fall for these candles with gradient colours!

Three-coloured candle made by hand in Denmark.

A pretty candle with soft colours that will decorate your festive tables and illuminate your festive moments.

A candle for your pretty candlesticks.

Several colors are available on the site.

Big blow of heart for this original candle which will find its place in your interior.

Grey marble top


For all marble fans !

A serving tray as beautiful as it is functional.

Luxurious tray in grey marble.

This tray is composed of several colors combined, which gives it a beautiful effect

A marble tray is considered more hygienic than other conventional trays and is easy to clean.

They come in four different colours: green, dark grey, white and pink.

It will look great in your kitchen as a decoration on a credenza.

Made of marble and with a beautiful design, it will fit perfectly on a table in the kitchen.

You can also put objects on it, you will have a real decorative object!

copy of Black metal candlestick


Candle holder in black metal.

This pretty candlestick will welcome your candles for your pretty tables of festival or your decorations.

To put on a piece of furniture or a fireplace to decorate your interior.

An original and sober candlestick.

Wooden cup Aya


The wooden bowl Aya is a bowl with clean lines that will suit as well as a decorative object unfilled as a container for various objects.

To store your fruits, cosmetics, small treasures or as a pocket in an entrance...

It will match all styles of decoration and will bring a natural and authentic touch to your interior.

A beautiful piece that will find its place in any room of your home.

This cup will bring a bohemian and natural touch to your interior.

Candle holder in gold-plated metal


A pretty candlestick in metal with a golden patina.

It will be perfect with the candles.

It will decorate your pretty tables of festival or simply your shelves or sideboards.

A timeless candlestick which will inevitably find a place in your interior.

copy of Set of three wooden vases


Set of three beech wood vases.

Each vase contains a test tube.

These soliflores have not undergone any treatment and have been turned in a French lathe.

These vases will be as pretty empty as filled with dried or fresh flowers.

These vases are aesthetic and functional, modern and timeless decoration accessories.

They will bring a natural touch to your interior.

Small green fish vase


The small fish vase impresses with its unusual shape, thanks to which it is suitable both as an unfilled decorative object and as a vase for flowers.

The vase is made of ceramic, an unglazed pottery.

It can be combined as you wish.

It will look as good alone as with it, empty or filled with flowers.

Various vases from the same collection are also available on the site.

A beautiful piece that will find its place in any room of your home.

paper mache lamp small model


We love this lamp made of paper mache.

The brand revisits this unusual material to transform your interior.

Each piece is unique and handmade with recycled paper.

This wonderful lamp has a raw structure in clearly visible relief.

By revealing its imperfections, we accentuate the unique character of this lamp.

Also available in a larger size on the site.

Nature and simplicity form an ideal alliance to offer you an original and absolutely unique decorative element that will attract all eyes!

copy of Ivory striped candle


Striated candle ivory color.

A pretty candle with a soft hue that will decorate your festive tables and illuminate your festive moments.

A candle for your photophores and candlesticks or simply to put on a piece of furniture.

To arrange on a chimney for a soft decoration.

Set of 8 small dipped candles in blush color


We love these original candles signed Ferm Living.

This set includes 8 small candles that will be perfect to light up your home.

With a distinctive blue wick, this set of hand-dipped candles comes in a range of modern and refreshing colours.

Hand-dipped candles made in Europe.

Available in various colours and sizes on the website.

This set will decorate your festive tables and light up your festive moments.

copy of Adventure begins enamel mug in navy color


Enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the Gentlemen's hardware enamel mug.

Lightweight and durable, it's ideal for camping or hiking.

An ideal mug for backpacking, camping or any other outdoor activity.

Made of lightweight steel with a durable enamel finish.

Gentlemen's Hardware has everything today's men could want, whether they are sportsmen, adventurers, homebodies, epicureans...but not only!

Several tools and accessories of the brand can be found on the site.