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Mobile Madlen

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We love the Kinetic Levi mobiles that have just arrived at Maison Marcel.

Pieces of art handcrafted and balanced by hand in Russia.

This mobile will bring calm, lightness and appeasement in your interior.

It will move slowly with the air bringing softness, tranquility.

Different models are also available on the site.

As an element of room decoration, the mobile should be hung where there is enough space to move freely, at eye level or slightly higher.

It will fit perfectly in any room of your home.

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Dimensions: 40 cm x 35 cm

Material: petals: ash, oak, beech, lime, rods and steel.

Some mobiles are in kit and others are already assembled.

The necessary equipment is supplied, including the hanging system.

You can hang it from an invisible fishing line and from the ceiling hook.

The mobile is a work of art and is ideal for children, but it is not a toy.

Please hang your mobile out of reach of children.

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Little brother mouse in his box


The little mouse brother is so cute with his little pants.

His bed is always ready and he sleeps well in his little matchbox.

Your child can take him everywhere with him, put him to bed, tuck him in and tell him a little story.

His bedding is made of soft fabrics with beautiful prints.

A perfect little gift and a new addition to the family!!!

Various companions, accessories and furniture are also available on the site.

Flowery home fragrance diffuser


Diffuse a pleasant and soothing scent in your home with this floral diffuser.

The diffuser comes in a simple glass bottle with small wooden sticks that diffuse the pleasant scent into your room and home.

Use the diffuser in your bathroom and place it on a tray or combine it with other decorative elements to create an elegant decoration.

Two fragrances are available on the site.

Set of two wooden pegs


Set of two natural oak coat hooks by Oyoy.

They will be perfect in an entrance, a bedroom, a bathroom or a living room.

Very warm, the natural wood harmonizes with all types of interior.

They will allow you to hang your jackets, scarves and bags.

They are aesthetic and functional, modern and timeless decoration accessories.

They will bring a natural touch to your interior.

Speckle pocket / wall storage


A hot wall-mounted pocket from the Ferm Living brand.

Made with a distinct type of stoneware, characterized by its gritty, raw texture, the Speckle line has an organic, handcrafted look and feel.

This wall storage will look great in an entryway, office.

It will look just as good empty as it will filled with various items.

It is designed to be hung on a wall.

With its large rounded handle, it is easy to hang on any wall.

Put other nice wall decorations around it to complete the picture!

Shell box terracotta


A novelty for all shell addicts!

A shell box and its soft color!

The shell box impresses with its delicate shapes.

The shell is made of ceramic, an unglazed pottery.

A box to store your little treasures, your jewelry ....

Available in several colors.

A beautiful piece that will find its place in any room of your home.

Lucky Star Poster


We love the illustrations of the brand Studio Loco!

An illustrated, soft and original poster to decorate your walls.

A collection of posters full of sweetness and which puts you in a good mood.

Pretty illustrations to display on your walls to spice up your wall decoration.

This poster with soft colors will give magic to your room.

This poster will find its place in any room and corner of your home.

Several illustrations are also available on the site.

Superhero with his suitcase


A superhero mouse with his suitcase to live beautiful adventures everywhere.

This little mouse has put on his most beautiful costume composed of an adorable golden cape and a dark blue mask to save the planet.

The best friend for your child and a new companion for beautiful stories! It can be carried everywhere thanks to its metal suitcase.

Your child will love it!

Mini beach bag


A small bag with a vintage look including 1 sun cream and 2 sodas.

The bag with the essentials for a day at the beach.

The perfect accessory for your little mice Maileg.

Several figurines and accessories can be found on the site.

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copy of Card Bonjour


An illustrated, colorful and original card to send sweet words or to decorate your walls.

Funny, modern and graphic cards that put you in a good mood.

Pretty illustrations to display on your walls to spice up your wall decoration.

This card will find its place in any room and corner of your home.

A card to offer or to offer yourself!

Several different illustrations are also available on the site.

Flower solo tray green of gray


A small tray from the brand Boncoeurs.

This tray is as practical as it is aesthetic and will be useful on a daily basis.

A tray for your coffee and a sweet treat, or a pretty pocket.

A rectangular enamelled tray for service or decoration.

The patterns are inspired by the Indian "block print".

Dimension : 16 x 11 x 0,5 cm

York nude relief painting

€140.83 -50% €70.42

We love this relief painting!

An original and modern wall decoration which will find its place in your interior.

As nice alone as in accumulation!

A 3D picture with geometric patterns.

Several models are available on the site.

The wall painting will bring a graphic and modern touch to your decoration.

This wall decoration will be as pretty in a bedroom, as in a corridor, a living room or a dining room.

It will also make a very nice headboard.

Vista Blanket / Hanging


The Vista artwork is both elegantly poetic and graphically strong.

The soft, distinctive color palette is paired with the modern abstract print, making it a visual experience.

The blanket is made in the classic tapestry technique, with decorative fringing on the edges, giving it a distinctive character

It can be used as a blanket, bedspread or as a decoration by fixing it on a wall.

It will therefore make a very nice headboard or wall decoration in a living room, hallway or dining room.

Miraculous wax mini in old wax color


A mini wax candle manufactured by Ciergerie des Prémontrés in Tarascon in Provence.

The workshop uses two ancestral methods of manufacture of the XVth century for its candles and candles which require the precision of the wax masters.

It will find its place perfectly in your interior.

To add a more mystical aura, you can add a golden crown or a jewel halo candle, also available on the site.

Various models and colors are available on the site.

Beyond the religious symbol, and the know-how of yesteryear, the Madonna becomes a real object of decoration.

It will be perfect if you wish to create a cabinet of curiosities.

Blue, white & pink candle


We completely fall for these candles with gradient colours!

Three-coloured candle made by hand in Denmark.

A pretty candle with soft colours that will decorate your festive tables and illuminate your festive moments.

A candle for your pretty candlesticks.

Several colors are available on the site.

Big blow of heart for this original candle which will find its place in your interior.

Square cross nail


Nail in gilded brass representing a square cross.

It can be fixed on any wall.

Perfect to present frames, small mirrors, necklaces or to hang towels and cloths.

Dimension: 2 x 5 x 2.5 cm

Wall storage with adjustable shelves


We love this wall-mounted storage unit which will fit in any room of the house.

It will look great in an entrance hall, an office, a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom to store your small everyday items.

This wood and metal wall storage contains 3 adjustable shelves.

The metal wall bracket is easy to attach.

The wooden shelves can be adjusted to the desired height.

A nice wall decoration element that will allow you to highlight your favorite small objects, vases.