Erika Mobile


We love the Kinetic Levi mobiles that have just arrived at Maison Marcel.

Pieces of art handcrafted and balanced by hand in Russia.

This mobile will bring calm, lightness and appeasement in your interior.

It will move slowly with the air bringing softness, tranquility.

Different models are also available on the site.

As an element of room decoration, the mobile should be hung where there is enough space to move freely, at eye level or slightly higher.

It will fit perfectly in any room of your home.


Dimensions: 30 cm x 45 cm

Material: birch and stainless steel

Some mobiles are in kit and others are already assembled.

The necessary equipment is supplied, including the hanging system.

You can hang it from an invisible fishing line and from the ceiling hook.

The mobile is a work of art and is ideal for children, but it is not a toy.

Please hang your mobile out of reach of children.

Specific References

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copy of Set of 4 tapas bowls


A set of four 70's inspired ceramic bowls with pretty colors and a decorative retro look.

The 70's ceramic series bowls are all unique with their handmade finish.

You'll love filling them with a variety of appetizers!

Nice accessories that you want to show off and leave as a decoration in your kitchen!!!

Glass and metal test-tube vase


A beautiful vase in clear glass and metal that will find its place in your interior.

An original vase composed of a test tube fixed in a metal structure.

To position alone or in accumulation.

It will be perfect to highlight your fresh or dried flowers.

A beautiful element of decoration which will evolve with your desires and your flowery creations.

A modern and atypical vase which will make you crack!

Ex-voto Lime tree color


A great novelty with the arrival of the creations J'ai vu la vierge!

We love the colourful and offbeat world of this brand.

Offerings to God as an accompaniment to a grace or in thanks for a granted wish, ex-votos are spread out on the walls like so many inspired and inspiring objects.

Vital, the sacred heart of divine love hangs in homes as a wall decoration or good luck charm.

Made by a santon maker with the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label

Several colors are available on the site.

Brass candle holder for florist candle


A pretty candlestick in gilded patinated metal.

It will receive fine candles of 1,5 cm diameter.

It will be perfect with the bundle of candles of the ciergerie des Prémontres.

Perfect in accumulation for an original table decoration.

It will decorate your pretty tables of festival or simply your shelves or sideboards.

Colored candles are on sale on the site.

A simple and timeless candlestick.

Floral suitcase


I love the suitcase Studio Loco which will be the ideal companion of your child.

Specially designed for little ones, it is light and strong and will follow your child everywhere.

Sleepovers are so much more fun when you can take all your favourite things with you in this pretty suitcase!

There are several models available, so it will be hard to choose!

The suitcase will be perfect for storing treasures and toys and you will enjoy leaving it as a decoration in your child's room.

Inside you will find very practical storage pockets.

We love the sweet illustrations of this accessory.

copy of Nude ceramic vase


The nude vase impresses with its unusual shape, which makes it suitable as an unfilled decorative object as well as a vase for flowers.

The vase is made of ceramic, an unglazed pottery.

It can be combined as you wish.

It will look just as good on its own as it does with flowers, empty or filled with flowers.

Various vases from the same collection are also available on the site.

A beautiful piece that will find its place in any room of your home.

Card + envelope Happy Birthday potato


An original postcard to write and send little sweet words.

A collection of cards full of humour that you will love to send to your loved ones, to offer or to keep for yourself as decoration.

This double card is sold with an envelope.

Pretty cards to display on your walls to spice up your decoration.

A wall decoration which will find its place in any room of your interior.

Several different illustrations are also available on the site.

A universe full of humour and fantasy that will make you fall in love with it!

Vintage metal cradle, blue color


Vintage metal cradle for babies mice, rabbits from the brand Maileg.

A beautiful vintage metal cradle in blue and its flowery sheets to gently rock and put babies to sleep easily.

Your children will love to play mommy and daddy by reproducing the gestures of the house.

This crib will find its place in your child's dollhouse.

Also available in another color on the site.

The figurines Maileg and many accessories are also available on the site.

copy of Set of 3 wooden cutting boards


For all fans of cutting boards!

A set of three cutting boards as pretty as functional.

They will perfectly find their place in your kitchen decoration, on a credenza.

Made of wood and with a beautiful design, they will find their place perfectly on a table, in a kitchen.

For your aperitifs, for your lunches or dinners, you will love them!

Small multicolored fan


We love this colourful decorative object!

A foldable fan made by hand with natural materials.

A popular Cambodian handicraft product that will brighten up your decoration.

To put on a piece of furniture, this decorative element will find its place in any room of your interior.

Made by hand, each piece can have slight differences in color and patina.

Different models, sizes and colors are also available on the site.

An element which will bring an original, lively and coloured touch to your interior.

copy of Box heart that flies gold


An ex voto can hide another one !

This winged heart is in fact a mini box to hang on your wall.

You can hide the portrait of your loved one, a lock of hair or another little treasure.

An original ex-voto which makes it a beautiful object of curiosity and decoration.

It is made of embossed tinplate, hand patinated which gives it its pretty golden colour and its antique look.

It exists in gold and antique gold.

This object is the work of a craftsman, so each heart is unique by the grain, patina and small differences that make it unique.

Trapeze girl mug


An illustrated, quirky and original mug to enhance everyday life.

A collection of lifestyle table accessories full of humour that will fit perfectly into your home.

This white porcelain mug features illustrations thanks to its contemporary black and white design.

You will enjoy using this tableware in your home. You will love to drink your hot or cold drink in this mug.

What a way to spice up your daily life and your decoration thanks to this collection full of lightness!

Several different illustrations are also available on the site. A universe full of humour and fantasy that will make you fall in love!

Our Lady in wax color English green


A wax candle manufactured by Ciergerie des Prémontrés in Tarascon in Provence.

The workshop uses two ancestral methods of manufacture of the XVth century for its candles and candles which require the precision of the wax masters.

It will find its place perfectly in your interior.

To add a more mystical aura, you can add a golden crown or a jewel halo candle, also available on the site.

Various models and colors are available on the site.

Beyond the religious symbol, and the know-how of yesteryear, the Madonna becomes a real object of decoration.

It will be perfect if you wish to create a cabinet of curiosities.

Felt mushroom with dots in gold color


We are very happy to welcome Muskhane's creations at Maison Marcel!

We love these natural felt mushrooms that will bring a natural and delicate touch to your decoration.

Of different shapes and sizes, they will be perfect in accumulation on a piece of furniture, a fireplace or as table decoration.

Small handcrafted accessories that will bring an original touch to your interior.

They will be very nice on a piece of furniture in decoration in a room, a living room, a kitchen...

Several sizes and colors are also available on the site.

Miniature blender Maileg green


The new accessory in the kitchen of mice!!!

A miniature blender to make a good smoothie or juice for our friends in the universe Maileg.

This nice accessory, available in two colors, will decorate the kitchen in your dollhouse.

Your child will love to play and invent stories with all these accessories.

Various accessories, furniture and figurines are also available on the site.

Dots quilt in old gold


A novelty with the arrival of textile made Boncoeurs!

A quilt with a hot print.

Placed on a sofa or a bed, it will bring a personal and original touch to your decoration.

This quilt of the brand Boncoeurs is ideal for the house.

We love the print of this soft accessory that you will love!

Several models are available on the site.

You will also find on the site a selection of cushions to complete your decoration.

A beautiful and cosy element that will bring a cocooning and original touch to your home.