Long pouf in camel leather


A long pouf in vintage vegan leather in camel colour.

A chaise longue cushion perfect for a reading corner. Easy to fold for storage

Unfolded it measures 160 x 60 cm

Rattan stool / night table


A wonderful and multifunctional little rattan seat.

This object will serve as a seat, a night table, a small storage unit with its lid and compartment.

The seat is made of hand woven rattan.

Perfect for toddlers and children, it allows to store all their favorite toys, books and treasures.

It will fit perfectly in a child's room, a living room.

It will bring a natural and bohemian touch to your interior.

Planter on foot light grey


Elegant and timeless, this powder-coated metal pedestal planter can be used for everything from plants to books or to store children's toys and small items around the house.

You can even use it as a divider, to create small, peaceful spaces or cozy nooks in large rooms.

World map circular carpet


A great circular rug to travel on!

It will be as nice in a child's room, as in an entrance hall or a bathroom.

Woven in natural jute, this circular rug is decorated with a printed map of the world.

The natural tones of this durable and resistant material allow it to fit in any interior.

Place it in the center of a child's room to use as a play mat or next to their bed to keep their little toes warm in the morning.

This rug is available in two different sizes on the website.

Golden tray for the Ferm Living planter


This tray is an essential accessory to our metal planters, giving you a whole new range of style and storage options.

A beautiful golden tray to create a new storage space.

With this tray, your planter is covered by a third of its box and suddenly becomes a perfect side table or coffee table. Try arranging the plants in both the box and the tray, and see how the different levels change everything.

Fits both the original planter box and the two-tiered planter box.

Two models of planter are available on the website.

A beautiful accessory that will fit perfectly in your home.

Wall storage with adjustable shelves


We love this wall-mounted storage unit which will fit in any room of the house.

It will look great in an entrance hall, an office, a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom to store your small everyday items.

This wood and metal wall storage contains 3 adjustable shelves.

The metal wall bracket is easy to attach.

The wooden shelves can be adjusted to the desired height.

A nice wall decoration element that will allow you to highlight your favorite small objects, vases.

Bamboo swing


A nice novelty signed Madam Stoltz with this bamboo swing.

A perfect accessory for the beautiful days which will find its place in your garden.

Hanging on a portico, on a tree branch, it will provide long hours of play to your children.

It could also be suitable indoors in a child's bedroom, a corridor or a living room.

When the playful aspect meets the aesthetic side it gives a swing as pretty as practical.

Planter on foot 2 levels color cashmere


We love the new addition to the Plant Box family!

A novelty with this two-level planter.

It will allow you to store your vinyls, books and other everyday objects.

Elegant and timeless, this pedestal planter in powder coated metal can be used for everything from plants to books or to store children's toys and small objects around the house.

It will also fit perfectly in a bathroom to store your cosmetics and towels.

A golden tray to create another level is also available on the site.

You can even use it as a divider, to create small peaceful spaces or cosy corners in large rooms.

Dark green tent


We love this foldable and transportable Ferm Living tent!

Create a refuge for your little ones with this decorative dark green play tent with an embroidered beetle on the side.

Cotton hanging from a wooden frame creates a sheltered place for kids to play, read and relax

The windows have roll-down shades for added privacy.

Convenient folding design makes it easy to carry and store.

The perfect place for long hours of play!

It will fit in a bedroom, playroom, living room indoors but can also be taken outside when the weather is nice.